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We are proud to announce JULIAN JONAH’s highly anticipated follow up to last year’s NOW’S THE TIME FOR US b/w COMING BACK FOR YOUR LOVIN’. This time around there are two incredible versions of the same song - IF YOU WANNA (KNOW WHAT’S MISSING) One featuring the lead vocals of DUTCH ROBINSON, the other SUGAR RAINBOW.  Julian Jonah was originally known as one of the main producers and influencers of the early-house scene. He is now focussed on an early 80s U.S. styled soul / funk sound, reminiscent of labels such as Prelude. Julian is a music producer extraordinaire, with a rare talent of recreating such an authenticity; you could be fooled into thinking these songs were recorded 40 years ago! Lush live strings, an infectious bass guitar riff, synths and horns - add these vocalists and it sure conjures up the perfect blend. Dutch Robinson has had a glittering career, he was one of the original singers of the Ohio Players and he had a solo album on United Artists in 1977. Famed on the modern soul scene for ‘Can’t Get Along Without You’. We are thrilled to host such a legend as lead vocalist. Sugar Rainbow is certainly a singer on the rise, with a string of solo singles and most recently a duo with The Cool Notes very own Heather Haywood. This is the perfect time to showcase Sugar’s talents. She delivers such an expressive vocal; we’ll leave it up to you to make your comparisons!